About the Kentuckiana Children's Center

The mission of Kentuckiana Children's Center is to improve the lives of Children by providing a foundation for healing through integrative Chiropractic care.

Since its founding in 1957 by Dr. Lorraine Golden, Kentuckiana Children's Center has operated as an outpatient clinic, providing evaluation and treatment by a multidisciplinary staff, as well as a special education program for children with special needs. Both programs have been designed to serve the "whole" child and his or her individual needs. The program is designed to assist the child in developing at his or her own rate of speed, manifesting the use of innate abilities and the child's fullest potential to help him or her to be a productive and happy human being.

A majority of children at Kentuckiana are from low/moderate income families that are financially distressed by attempting to provide for their child's special needs. Kentuckiana Children's Center has never charged a child for the services or education it provides.

The entire operating budget of Kentuckiana has been provided for over 40 years by child-loving individuals, civic and religious groups, businesses, labor unions, employee funds, foundations, bequests, professionals, professional associations and auxiliaries, schools and the center's own auxiliary.