About Safe~Connect Plus

EMF solutions for the radiation risks of wireless convenience.

For over a decade, Safe Connect Plus+® has been researching, educating and bringing solutions for the Dangers of man-made Electromagnetic Fields. Today, Safe Connect Plus+® is represented by hundreds of Distributors and Dealers in the U.S. and in many countries around the world. Safe Connect Plus+® is rapidly growing into a Worldwide Defender of Electrical and Wireless Offenders.


Safe Connect Plus+® products are effective because of our unique proprietary formula of over 240+ resonating frequencies. This proprietary formula is encoded and embedded into each of our products using sound and light technology. These products have been tested and are created to rebuild and re-strengthen the cells and the human bio field in order to defend the body against all Electrical and Wireless Offenders.


Our unique proprietary formula is based on over a decade of research and testing in the field of Subtle Energy and Quantum Physics. We are continuing to provide cutting edge EMF solutions while remaining cost effective.

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